Safe driving tips for this long weekend

The key to a successful summer holiday is to plan ahead, especially if you will be driving. Here are a few driving tips that will help you plan your trip:

Plan An Earlier Or Later Departure Time– to avoid heavy traffic times

Inspect Your Vehicle Before Leaving – washer fluid, tire pressure, etc.

Pack Food, Water And Some Good Entertainment – keep the kids happy!

Be Prepared For A Roadside Emergency– flashlight, flares and first aid kit in your emergency roadside kit, along with booster cables and washer fluid.

Don’t Allow Baggage Or Vacation Supplies To Obscure Your Vision – Cars have blind spots, and the last thing you want to do is create more of them when packing the car for a long weekend trip or vacation.

Take Driving Breaks -Taking a break helps you to freshen up and refocus

Keep A Safe Distance – Use the two-second rule when following behind other vehicles. For the two-second rule, mark a stationary object and watch as the vehicle in front passes it. Then count 2 seconds. If you pass the same object before you’ve gotten to two, you’re too close. Slow down and try the rule again.

If You’re Pulling A Trailer – Do A Thorough Safety Check -you need to check your trailer lights, tire pressure, and hitch and safety chain

If You’re Feeling Tired, Pull Over And Take A Rest

Did you know that approximately 20% of fatal collisions involve driver fatigue? Survey data from Transport Canada found that “about 60% of Canadian drivers admitted that they occasionally drove while fatigued and 15% of respondents admitted that they had fallen asleep while driving during the past year.”

Have a safe and happy long weekend! Visit my website for more information! click here






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