Cold weather safety for your pets

If it’s too cold for you to go outside, it’s too cold for your pet! Winter’s chill affects animals, just like it affects people. Every year, the Ontario SPCA investigates thousands of complaints about animals left unprotected from winter weather. Exposure to harsh conditions can cause serious illness or death to animals, particularly during periods…… Continue reading Cold weather safety for your pets

Emergency Car Kit

It’s a good idea to have an emergency car kit in your car, especially when travelling in the winter months. The basic emergency kit for cars should include the following items: Food That won’t spoil, such as energy bars Water In plastic bottles so they won’t break if frozen (change every six months) Blanket Extra…… Continue reading Emergency Car Kit

A brief history of wreaths

Wreaths have a storied history, dating back centuries when they were hung on #WinterSolstice to celebrate the end of shortening days and the anticipation of spring. Different materials carry significance as well. Holly, for example, represents immortality, while cedar represents strength. In these modern times, the wreath is used as a gesture of welcoming and…… Continue reading A brief history of wreaths

Christmas movies which one is your favorite?

It truly doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them a million times, there’s just something about classic Christmas movies that makes them irresistible every year. From the traditional kid’s picks to the heartwarming tales of the true meaning of Christmas, curling up the couch with the whole family on a frosty winter night is a holiday…… Continue reading Christmas movies which one is your favorite?

When the weather outside is chilly…time to maintain your furnace!

The cold air is here… snow is on the ground and your furnace is getting set to provide your family with heat all winter through. Here are a few simple tips to prepare for winter start up. After all, preventive maintenance could save you a costly furnace repair job. Clean up! Time to clean your…… Continue reading When the weather outside is chilly…time to maintain your furnace!